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Ionix Hot Temp Probe and Monitoring


Meeting your in-service
monitoring & inspection needs


Start monitoring your assets with HotSense to increase plant productivity:

  • Make real-time, data driven decisions. Improve process parameters to increase profitability, up-time and efficiency.
  • Increase safety, defer maintenance and improve turnaround schedules with actionable asset insights.
  • Provide more frequent data, with no increase in costs to improve RBI data / deliverable.
  • Remove variables caused by periodic inspection process.
  • Get more actuate data to feed your FFS studies.
  • Remove conservatism from your asset retirement planning.
  • Enable use of lower cost feedstock options.
  • Confirm effectiveness of corrosion inhibitors.

Automated Wireless Ultrasound for on-stream corrosion, erosion and wear monitoring

Track wall loss rates, detect changes and see into the future to optimise operations and reduce outages

Non-invasive, automated and wireless ultrasonic monitoring solutions for applications across refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear and process sectors.

Ultrasonic Testing Transducers

Reduce inspection time with no duty cycling and robust calibration

Dual element ultrasonic transducers for on-stream, thickness, corrosion and erosion surveys with a wide operating temperature for use in applications across refining, oil & gasenergynuclearaerospace, and process sectors.

  •  Built on the award winning HotSense™ ultrasonic platform powered by the proprietary Ionix HPZ piezoceramic.
  • Dual element thickness gauging transducers in a range of frequencies and tip sizes for use in extreme environments.
  • -55 to +550 °C [-67 to +1,022 °F] wide measurement temperature range for all in-service assets.
  • No cooling required up to 350 °C / 662 °F. Increase your productivity between calibrations and reduce duty cycling.
  • Stable signal for maximum reliability and repeatability.
  • Enhanced wear resistance for the most extreme environments and applications.

Ultrasonic inspection transducers and monitoring systems designed from the ground up to operate continuously in extreme environments.
Powered by the Ionix novel and proprietary piezoelectric technology, HotSense™ transducers offer reliable, high performance and cost-effective ultrasonic measurements at temperatures from –55 °C up to +550 °C and in the presence of ionizing radiation.

For use in applications across refining, oil & gas, energy, nuclear, aerospace and process sectors.

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