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D-Tect X provides an optimal and time-saving NDT inspection workflow – the perfect complement to all computed radiography scanners and digital X-ray detectors.

Easy and Reliable Evaluation

Consistent quality and detection of the finest details are essential for NDT – specially designed filters and tools make simple and effective evaluation possible. To save time, it is also possible to save optimal evaluation settings for use with subsequent images.

Image Operation History and Preset

Every action applied to an image since it was imported or acquired is recorded and each action can be individually activated or deactivated. The selected actions can also be saved as a preset and applied to other images with a single click. Since every step is recorded and stored, this feature ensures complete traceability.

Intilligent Basic Spatial Resiolutions (SRb) Determination

After loading an image, the SRb can be automatically determined according to DIN EN ISO 17636-2 and ASTM E 2446 by simply drawing a rectangle over a duplex wire IQI. The tool automatically uses the optimal measurement line.

Advanced Wall Thickness Tool
This optional tool determines the thickness at one or more points along the walls of a pipe. The measurement is performed with a single click on the point to be measured and can be moved if necessary.
Intelligent one-click image enhancement filter produces optimized images highlighting crucial details for rapid analysis and evaluation.
Report Creation and NDT Management with DRIVE NDT

In a few easy steps, a comprehensive report can be generated from the order and inspection data. Custom templates can also be created individually according to the requirements of the end-user or customer.

DRIVE NDT is a unique management and reporting tool and is fully integrated into D-Tect X. An interface to DRIVE NDT enables seamless NDT workflow integration.


1. Diconde Compliant

The user can be certain that images can be viewed and processed by any other DICONDE-compatible system.

2. High Performance

GPU and multi-core CPU support makes D-Tect X extremely fast and efficient.

3. All in-One

All functions are included: from image acquisition, image evaluation and report generation to data import and export

CPU ≥ Intel Core i7 (7th generation or above)
RAM ≥ 16 GB
Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Professional (64-bit)
Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD) with min. 1 GB of free space
NOTE: Storage device requirements are dependent on the quantity of images to be stored
Graphics card ≥ NVIDIA RTX 2060 / ≥ NVIDIA Quadro P1000
≥ 6 GB memory / ≥ 4 GB memory
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