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FUJIFILM Industrial X-RAY Film & Chemical

Superior X-Ray Film for Every Application

Radiographic testing is a non-destructive testing procedure that uses X-rays to generate comprehensive radiograph images used for inspections and quality control. This testing method relies on quality X-ray film designed to meet the applications. At FUJIFILM NDT, we have the solutions you need with an extensive lineup of products manufactured to precision standards.

Fujifilm industrial x-ray film is designed for consistent high-quality non-destructive testing and features revolutionary new film technology. The combination of the latest in emulsion-making science and computerized manufacturing processes assure consistent batch-to-batch performance, optimum image quality and compatibility with all NDT chemistries and current brand tank /automatic processing conditions.

A superior high contrast developer designed specifically for industrial automatic processing. Capable of processing large quantities of industrial X-ray film.

We are Fujifilm’s official distributor for conventional film and chemical for NDT radiography .

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