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X-Series XRF Analyzers

SciAps Value XRF Analyzers

The right mix of great performance and value.

Want the accuracy and throughput of the premium models, but in a lower-priced series of analyzers? Then consider the totally re-engineered “value” series, with improved heat dissipation, reduced weight, new user-interface. All internal electronics now use less power and operate at higher temperatures—no drift or shutdown.

  • New, lightweight design at 3.1 lbs. (1.4 kg) including batteries
  • Redesigned heat sinking, can now operate continuously up to 110F (43C) ambient temperatures
  • Up-to-date software, user interface, and full recalibration


Offers comparable speed/precision as top of the line competing brands, at a lower price point, in a smaller, lighter package. 40 kV, Rh anode (alloy) or 50 kV Au anode (Geochem, Soil, others). 20 mm2 standard SDD and DPP. 125k cps, > 90% live.

Alloys: Best value where aluminum sorting is daily but not the major focus. Requires a 2nd beam test of 8-10s for Mg at 0.8% in Al base. Requires 5-6 second Beam 2 test time for Al, Si, S and P. Requires 15-20 seconds to measure 0.3-0.5% Mg in grades such 6063 or 356 or 3004.

Geochem, Soils: Offers comparable precision, limits of detection and elemental range of other leading XRF brands, but in a lighter weight package, and at a lower price point.


Our most economical model. Great basic analysis of transition and heavy metals. 40 kV, Rh anode (alloy) or Au anode (Geochem, Soil, others). 7 mm2 PIN diode, standard DPP, 15k cps, 50% live.

Alloys: Basic sorting of SS, high temps and red metals. Only sort Al alloys by MLCs, 2000s and 7000s.

Geochem, Soils: Same element suite, but with older PiN diode detector technology. Test times will be much longer to achieve same precision, but X-50 platform lower priced.


SciAps X-Series is the world’s lightest, smallest, fastest, high precision family of XRF analyzers. With the newest models under 3 lbs. and lightning fast, they can be used all day long without fatigue.

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