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Z-Series LIBS Analyzers

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The Z features a sample detection system that yields the safety of Class 1 conditions. If there’s no sample present, the laser will not fire a single pulse, meaning no stray laser light fired into empty space. If a sample is removed during testing, the laser immediately stops firing once the sample is ¼” or more away from the window. Because the Z will not fire into empty space, it may be operated under Class 1 conditions, with proper training (ANSI Z136.1). Thus the Z provides the analytical advantages of a 3b laser in a device that may be operated in Class 1 conditions. This safety benefit is ONLY achievable with a milli-joule, low rep-rate laser. High rep rate class 3b lasers, like those featured in other LIBS devices, cannot operate with this safety mode.


The Z-900 Series uses a patented stack-spectrometer design that delivers wide wavelength range and high resolution—superior to any other handheld LIBS. Depending on your application, SciAps 900 Series can be purchased with 1-3 spectrometers.  The 3-spectrometer Z-903 range is 190 nm – 950 nm. In addition to the elements measured by the Z-902, this wider wavelength range also measures H, F, Br, Cl, N, O, S, Rb, Cs, and K.


The key to good LIBS analysis is creating a good plasma. The best plasma’s come from the highest power densities on the sample. The Z’s PULSAR laser technology fires laser pulses in the 5-6 mJ/pulse range, at up to 50 Hz frequencies, with 1 ns wide pulses. It is well established that mJoule, rather than micro-joule laser pulses yield superior analytical results.

From sophisticated analysis of ultra-low elemental concentrations in alloys, ores, brines and powders, to basic material or scrap sorting, SciAps offers a model for your application. And we defy obsolescence. Any lower performing model can be upgraded to a higher performing model at any time. You’re never obsolete with a SciAps LIBS.

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